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Mar 31, 10 11:35 AM
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Welcome to Days of Revenge!

Welcome and thank you for viewing, Days of Revenge is a new maily PvP guild, with members from all across the world. Based out of Europe this guild thrives on Crushridge, a Pacific time zone relm. Accepting all whom love PvP from lv. 1-80, the experienced and new to the idea of player on player combat. Finding that daily dungeon/raid grinds can only get so exciting PvP gives you the "something new everyday" thrill some deserve. Founded by GM FullyAlive a rogue just created for the BG enviornment Day's spend most of its time creating Premade BG's and farming Honor points to help new players gear up. (thanks blizzard for ridding us of battle marks!)

Soon to start-Arena battles. Teams are starting to view potential allies and working together is forming new team-oriented friendships. If Arena battle is something you are interested in Join today and see who you work best with, practice, learn, grow and win.

World PvP. are you tired of relaxing in Stormwind, looking through the Auction House when suddenly your disturbed because the enemy as made its way into your house? well we are not tired of it, but we think its time to pay back the favor! Join us for weekly World PvPing and travel to the 5 major Horde citys with friends and show em who you are!
While online, dont forget the easyest world event there is. Wintergrasp! why do we lose wintergrasp everytime we defend it? Teamwork! ever imagine a "premade" Wintergrasp? wouldnt that be nice. Spread the word to your friends, Days of Revenge is now accepting members! no application nessessary. shoot an email today with your Toon's info or shout at a member when you see on the battle field!
Days of Revenge "We will be heard!"
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Metterd, Mar 31, 10 11:35 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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